The SPICS Soul platform aims at providing the implemented features enhancing both academic research options and actual management of patient treatment in daily care. It provides for features such as high usability for documentation and studies, technical integrability with HIS and interoperability, data security and privacy. Moreover the platform will be open to patient participation as well as serve as a pilot for integrated care in the treatment of bipolar disorders. Health professionals in remote care will have the option to document their treatments within the same platform, therefore actively providing continuous documentation which is long time desired by professionals in the stationary medical area.


Functionality of the System

  • Adding new documentation
  • Adding new patients (generating IDs or using internal HIS IDs)
  • Adding documentation partners (shared access to patient information, allows hospital comprehensive documentation)
  • Entering patient data
  • Defining documentation schema
  • Import of data and documentation forms
  • Export of data and documentation forms (allows different formats, i.e. CSV, Microsoft Excel)



  • Allows standardized documentation
  • Allows geographically distributed documentation accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Facilitation of documentation work


  • Easy export of data for statistical evaluation and analysis
  • Objective evaluation of therapy (application observation, gauge for studies)
  • Valuable results for scientific utilization
  • Allows cost efficient objective studies on the effectiveness of medication, therapies, procedures, etc.


  • Integrated health care comparison of treatment progress, chronology of treatments is evident, etc.
  • Allows seamless studies in the course of treatment
  • Treatments without disruption in monitoring
  • Comparison of forms of therapies